10 Weirdest Wills in History

Thursday 14th May 2015

1*Napoleon Bonaparte*:
In France the Code Napoleon known as being the French legal System has been adjusted and copied and then to be included in probably every legal system in a Civilised Country in the world, in his last will and testament reads" that after his death his head be shaved and the hair be divided between his friends (namely Marshal Ney, Marshal Murat, Marshal Massena, Marshal Bernadot and General La Bédoyère), was ever executed..."

2*Nina Wang*:
Wealth beyond wildest dreams being labelled as the richest woman is Asia, Nina had a great heart and a phenomenal amount of her entire estate valued at $12.8 billion USD she gave to her and her husband's charity that they founded in 1988. Which led to dramatic court battles and was disputed between the charity and Wang's lover Tony Chan at the time of her death, Chan later accused of forging a fake will to claim rights to her fortune

3*Gene Roddenberry*:
The noble quote "To boldly go where no man has gone before" the creator of Star Trek went to great preparation lengths to maintain that statement long after his death, his will and testament included instructions to have his ashes scattered via a space satellite orbiting the earth, in 1997 that act was carried out for his wishes.

4*"Chunmun"* A Pet Monkey Their Sole Heir:
With no children Mr. Brajesh Srivastava and his wife Shabista had great wealth, an Indian couple who opened their own business named it after their pet monkey had no end of luck going forward in their lives.

"Chunmun" the monkey's name was also named for their business in which they have set up a trust for the primate to ensure if he outlives them he would receive a life of no suffering and be well cared for in the chosen surroundings of the testators his quotes were "People might say we are mad, they might even ridicule us. But we know how valuable "Chunmun" is to us,"

"We are childless and "Chunmun" is a son to me. We want to ensure that even when we are not alive, "Chunmun's" life is not affected as he continues to live the way he does."

5*Charles P of Bangor*:
Left in his estate in his will to BEN, The Motor and Allied Trades Benevolent Fund in his Will the last will and testament reads "I wish to be buried in a coffin linked with perspex and filled with industrial alcohol, and he stated "I abdicate a title 'King Charles I of Wales' which I claimed in 1977″

6*Norman Earnest Digweeds*:
So surprising this Will, entered into the hall of famous Wills, he directed his estate of £26,000 be placed in trust for 80 years for Jesus Christ should he return within that time. Obviously there were a lot of people came forward to claim the estate, the estate went to the crown after 80 years making that date being 1977.

7*Mark Gruenwald*: (1953-1996)
Born in Wisconsin Mark E. Gruenwald was an avid comic book collector and geek, especially fond of the Justice League of America, from a young age he collected so many comics later on in his life create an encyclopaedia of Marvel comic books, published in 1982 as The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.

He graduated in the University of Wisconsin in art and literature in 1975. Being rejected for employment with Marvel in both DC and New York, then in 1978 was called in from Marvel his career took off while in 1982 was in charge of the popular series Spiderman, The Avengers, Captain America and Iron Man, then later being the lead writer of Captain America for ten years and created one entire Marvel series: the short-lived Squadron Supreme.

Loved admired and cherished by many within Marvel tragically suffering a fatal heart attack early hours of Monday, August 12, 1996, at the young age of 43, leaving behind Catherine and their young daughter, Sara.

On opening his Will, his wife his wife could only smile, reading his final wishes as after his death his ashes to be put into the Marvel comic books. His wife after taking time to convince the publisher, they realised it would be a great publicity magnet and in 1997 they allowed his wife to secretly mix in the ashes with the ink used for printing that then went into a 5,000 copy, 100-page, 12-part book, composed of the entire Squadron Supreme comic book series.

Quote "He remained true to his passion for comics, as he has truly become one with the story and blended himself in the very fibre of the book."

8*Charles Vance Miller*:
An attorney for the love of practical jokes right up until his death in 1926, His last Will and testament that stated a large sum up for grabs that after his death any woman in Toronto could produce the as many of offspring in a decade the result was later known as "Great Stork Derby." Four winners in a tie with nine children each received about $125,000.

9*Jack benny*: (1930's to 1960's)
This once great actor and comedian in that era in his last will and testament wanted to leave a delicate reminder to his beloved wife after his death in 1974, his Will, directed a single long stemmed red rose to be delivered to her every single day until her passing, in which she lived another nine years. At first she wondered why this was happening.

10*Luis Carlos*:
Listed in a phone directory this Portuguese aristocrat gave his fortune to 70 total strangers, they were all contacted after his death from the directory out of the blue, being told that each was to be named the beneficiaries of his will. At random they were chosen while Carlos was alive in front of two witnesses and himself at the registry office, 13 year prior when he made his will.