Dementia Awareness

Friday 15th May 2015

According to the Alzheimer's Society, the UK has around 800,000 people with dementia. One in three people over the age of 65 develop the disease and two-thirds of people with dementia are women. People are now living longer so the number of people with dementia is increasing, with estimations in the UK at around 1 million people with dementia by 2021.

There is often confusion amongst us as to what dementia actually is as inspite of, most people having heard the word, it is still not entirely clear to everyone.

Some of the causes
We have recently read an interesting article entitled "about Dementia" ( 2015) describing a set of symptoms responsible for memory loss. Many of us believe dementia is a disease, but it is in fact damage to the brain. This shows itself in losing ability to deal with planning and organising tasks, struggling to know the correct words to say, being confused if not used to the surroundings and difference in mood or personality, to name a few.

Dementia is progressive and unfortunately over time will get worse, on a positive note there is help available either for the carers involved or the person diagnosed with dementia. It is possible to live with dementia and those suffering from it should continue to live a normal life.

The Importance of Planning
Planning for the future should not go unrecognised and if the time comes, the person with dementia can no longer make plans for themselves, there are certain things that could have been completed to make it easier when the time comes.

There are different ways in which this planning can be dealt with, and one of those is to have a Lasting Power of Attorney prepared, of which there are two types;

  • Lasting Power of Attorney for Property and Financial Affairs
  • Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare

It is beneficial to be aware of these documents and the assistance they can provide as once a person has lost the capacity to prepare these documents, the process can be much harder and more expensive.

The next step!
Firstly, one needs to consult with a qualified person, authorised to compile this type of legal document. Qwill Writing Services are available to assist you. You will be asked questions about the trusted people you know, your relationship with them, and their suitability in respect various criteria that will help making sure the correct person is appointed as executors.

The process will be carefully explained along with the legal implications and a cost of doing such work. If the go-ahead is given a document will be compiled and one will be consulted regarding all steps along the way. Once the draft is approved, it will be legally executed.