10 easy Steps to making a Will with QWill

Friday 29th May 2015

Step 1. Having entered our Website

You will already be aware the following items are covered:

Wills and Trusts
Power of Attorney
Search for a Will
Register a Will
Document Storage
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Also, view the FAQ's, some of the typical questions listed are:

What happens if I haven't made a Will?
Will I automatically inherit my partner's estate on death?
If there are any additional questions that you would like to ask you're welcome to email or Call (our details are on the Contact Page).

Step 2. See our Online Costs

The most common prices are £50 for a Single Will and £100 for a Joint Will. We also have our pricing tab on our site for other services such as LPA's, etc. As we are the charitable Will writing company, we subsidise the cost to (politely) ask that you leave a legacy in your Will to a charity of at least £100.

Step 3. Terms & Conditions

You will be able to view these terms Online for both Online services and/or normal T&C's. You are asked to email us, prior to commencement of work to: in the event that you do not agree and or cannot understand the terms and require more information prior to commencement of work.

Step 4. Register and Sign Up Online

The link is on the 'Wills Online' tab. Simply follow the instructions from there to login and register your detail etc. You will be given a unique password etc.

Step 5. Complete the Online Questionnaire at your leisure

The user-friendly Questionnaire is the most important feature, the more information you provide the better our understanding of your intentions, let us know when you want your Will draft completed by.

Take a break any time within the Questionnaire, log-out and return using your password to continue where you left off. This gives you time to think about your intentions, your beneficiaries, assets, executors, gifts, exclusions, funeral details and even secure custody & document storage.

As we aim to meet the delivery date you set as a preference, its importance that you complete the Questionnaire in time so that we can meet you demands.

Step 6. Pay Online

Our secure Paypal Online payment method is easy to use when using the Online facility.

Step 7. Receiving Your Draft Will

On receiving your information, our in-house Will drafters are able to call you to discuss anything regarding the first draft. Your first draft will be emailed to you or posted depending on your preference. If you need to make any alterations to this draft please do so. Once you are happy that the draft contains all the relevant wishes of your Questionnaire it must be returned return via email so that a final version can be processed as follows.

Step 8. Final Will

A final version of your Will is then sent via a secured post. The Will is prepared as a bound document.

Step 9. Signing and Storage

To make the Will valid or legal a set of instructions are then sent to you to aid in the signing process. It explains about the Witnesses and correct steps to follow.

With regards to storage - you will have already selected the appropriate option for storage of which instruction will be provided.

Step 10. Have a Cuppa Tea!

Now you have completed the most valuable documentation to secure your wishes, relax and enjoy a cup of hot tea!