LPA Forms are Changing from 1st July 2015

Thursday 25th June 2015

Clearer and simpler LPA forms are proposed to be available on Wednesday 1st July 2015 from the Office of Public Guardian. The forms can be downloaded from the OPG website.

So let us have a look at the differences of the form and how they have changed due to the requests from users and OPGs consultation. The forms:

  • are faster to complete
  • easier to use
  • do not require a second certificate
  • Of course other safeguards remain as before, such as the need for independent witnesses and that someone certifies the donors have capacity (which are very important measures to keep in place).

Better Support

It has been advised that the OPGs new form compliments the existing online form with new step-by-step guidance on each page, which enables the user to correctly fill in the form.

For anyone who is in the middle of a current case and is using the older LPA forms, going forward the OPG will accept the old forms for another six months as well as the new one from Wednesday 1st July 2015 until Friday 1st January 2016. There will be no changes to enduring powers of attorney forms that can still be registered following the introduction of the new LPA forms.

The OPG has also improved the information to support attorneys, offering two new leaflets to get started as an attorney and sending the attorneys a letter from the OPG mentioning the LPA has been registered.

This will encourage immediate registration by incorporating the registration pages within the form so one can see that the improvements are beneficial to both sides.

The total length of pages within the LPA are now 20 (not including the continuation sheets).

Making it easier for you

If you are looking to create an LPA, or need to talk to anyone about this, Qwill Writing Services are available to assist you. You will be asked questions about the trusted people you know, your relationship with them and their suitability in respect of various criteria that will help making sure the correct person is appointed as your Attorney.

The process will be carefully explained along with the legal implications and the cost of undertaking the work. QWill Writing Services charges for an LPA is currently £150 (plus disbursements, or £250 (plus disbursements) should you opt to have each LPA.

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