Registering A Will And Finding Secure Storage

Friday 3rd July 2015

Registering a Will enables you to know if a Will exists and helps you to find it!

Have you made a Will? And if you have made a will, have you registered and stored it securely?

For those who have made a Will
If a person has just made a valid Will, it is strongly recommended, before you put this in a secure location or storage, that you think about registering the Will as an extra safeguard. This is just in case it may be misplaced at some point in the future.

Other reasons for wanting to locate a Will
You may need to update or review it. Changes may need to be considered due to a number of factors such as: changes in circumstances, financial windfalls, choice of executors, new births in the family.
Once the Testator has unfortunately passed away, the Executors' will need to locate the Will.

Registering a Will?
In the UK there is not a central place for Will storage. Many choose banks, building societies, private dwellings or Will storage locations, from the company that created the Will.
Prior to being stored in your chosen location, you could register it with a company called; 'Certainty' it's the National Will Register and Will search service. Terms and conditions will apply.

Will Registration Process Guidelines
(which may changes from time to time):

  • The testator, will need to state the practice where the Will was made (Solicitor's details or the independent Will provider's details).
  • The name of all of the Witnesses.
  • Date the Will was signed.

What happens if a Will is lost?
Where a Will is not obtainable, not registered by the testator, or stored at home, if it is not retrievable, this will lead to intestacy. Please see our blog on intestacy.

Making it easier for you if you need a Will
Firstly, one needs to consult with a qualified person that is authorised to compile this type of legal document. Qwill Writing Services are available to assist you. You will be asked questions about the trusted people you know, your relationship with them, and their suitability in respect various criteria that will help making sure the correct person is appointed as executors.

The process will be carefully explained along with the legal implications and a cost of doing such work. If the go-ahead is given a document will be compiled and one will be consulted regarding all steps along the way. When the draft is approved, it will be legally executed.

If you are ready to have your Will drafted and registered, simply use this link to take you to our on-line page to Make Your Will Online.