Wills Online

Please click on the link below to access our secure Online facility to complete the Will Writing Questionnaire. Once in: register first, then follow the instructions!

Please ensure you retain or print your unique 'Guest ID' and 'Guest Password' in the registration process.

Once you have paid for the Will Writing Service via Paypal - please remember to go back to the Questionnaire page and select main menu to log out!

The process will allow you to:

  • register for the service
  • get a 'Guest ID' and a 'Guest Password'
  • enter basic details about you
  • answer relevant questions to be able to structure your Will correctly
  • let you save the stage you reach, then decide if you want to finish the questionnaire at a later time or date
  • inform you if you need to answer more questions to complete the process
  • pay by PayPal
  • submit the questionnaire for our Will Writer to check and draft your Will
  • log out of the Questionnaire

Please follow the link below to start the process, and remember to log out when complete.

Wills Online

The final Will (Superior Plus Package) will be printed and bound by us and posted to you! If you do not wish to have the final Will document printed and bound, instead just emailed to you please select the Superior Package only, or

If you have a special rate with us via an approved and appointed 'Employee Benefit Scheme' please select the Superior Package and not the Superior Plus Package.